The Offspring Chat (English)
November 13, 2000

Спринги отвечают на вопросы фанатов

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Hgi...I mean, hi. Oh yeah, hey, this is Dexter. I'm here with

Noodles right now.

KillBoy PowerHead: Ron, some people are saying that is you who screams "Fuck Fuck..."

in the beginning of "Session" - is that true?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Actually, yeah, that is Ron who screams that at the beginning

of "Session." He was really pissed off about having to play that song again.

Johnny Ramone: What were you thinking about when you wrote "Jennifer Lost The War?"

Does she exist?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: I wrote that about a news clipping I read a long time ago.

There actually was a girl that they named Little Miss 1565 because no one could

identify her. It was her autopsy number or something.

Oxygene: Who did this awesome art work on the album? I know Frank Kozik did the

previous one. This one looks awesome too, really resembles some AFI artwork,


THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: All right oxygene, we know who you are. We know that you

probably already know.

IKilledNoodles: Do you guys like The Tom Green show?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Tom Green Rules! He isn't even afraid to get his ass kicked!

Alyce: When reading "The Catcher in the Rye," weren't you disappointed when Holden

didn't fuck that prostitute?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Not really, we always chicken out with prostitutes too.

ibanez: I was wondering what kind of Ibanez guitar Noodles plays, and what pickups

are on it?

THE OFFSPRING - Noodles: I play an Ibanez Talman with "Tone Zone" pickups.

Stuntman Jack: This question is for Noodles, where did the nickname Noodles come from,

besides just being a cool nickname?

THE OFFSPRING - Noodles: You have to check out the movie "Pink Flamingos"

to get the answer to that question.

z_911: How many singles do you plan on putting out from this album?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Shit Man, their all singles!

z_911: What's gonna be your favorite new song to play live?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Probably "Living in Chaos".

burnitup3rdflame: Noodles and Dexter, who is hotter, Britney Spears or Christina


THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Christina is too talented to be as hot as Britney.

KSZ: How did you guys hook up with Cypress Hill for this tour?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: We've been fans of the band for a long time. It just seemed

like it would be cool.

Dexter_rocks: What caused you guys to write "Want You Bad."

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: I like it when people say Dexter rocks.

twins: Do The Offspring ever go on there own chat room on their Web site and are

they on icq?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: We go on our own chat room all the time. The problem is, no

one believes it us. Usually I log on as real_dexter. Now no one will use that name,


Little_Miss_1565: What do you think of all the crazy people that spend so much time

at the message board on the Web site?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: I think they have too much time on their hands.

Eyeamking: You guys start touring just a few days after the release of your album.

Have you had enough time to practice the songs off of this album so that you are able

to play them live at your show?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: We're practicing them a bunch. We're gonna definitely be

playing some new songs. Which new songs should we play?

Draven: Are you guys still supporting Napster?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Fuck those sellouts.

Dexter_rocks: What made you guys put a screwed up, but awesome version of "Feelings"

on Americana?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: That song needed to be destroyed.

Dexter1685: Hey Dex! Give 'em an example of an eukaryotic, heterotrophic, protist!

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: How about an amoeba.

ConspiracyOfOne: Dexter, how old is your green guitar with the Taz sticker?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: I think I got it right before Ixnay, so like 3 years.

punker7: Gore or Bush?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Gore and Bush make us wanna Ralph.

Beheaded_Elder: What did you guys enjoy watching while wasting away your teen years?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Speed Racer and Facts Of Life after they got fat. Not the early

ones. So how many of you guys have downloaded some of our songs?

Web_Dude: Do you think that being in a band has differed from your original plans

for life?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Well Noodles always dreamt of being a janitor.

Jecen: Do you think stupid people should be able to vote?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Yes, we just don't think they should be able to run for


Manic_Subsidal: What do you think of bootlegs?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: We don't like bootlegs, but it's not about the money. I think

bootlegs are really bad quality and they charge like $30, and we think it cheats the


Cristalena: Somebody on the mailing list said that the Conspiracy of One logo resembles

a dead Napster logo...your thoughts?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Hey, you said it, not us.

WebPunk83: I'm listening to the CD right now. (all mp3 of course) Have no fear though,

I'm still getting the album! :)

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: That's cool.

Amy01: Did Dexter ever get that job he applied for at McDonalds?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: I haven't done that yet. I'm still planning on it though.

Sycobob52: Will Noodles model for Playgirl?

THE OFFSPRING - Noodles: Actually, I'm doing a spread for Cosmo. Me and Mark McGrath.

matt: If you could be a vegetable, what would you be?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Somebody's been reading the tour journal, huh.

tBeHeAdEdO: If you were locked in the same room as any one member of N Sync for 24

hours straight, what would you do?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Learn some dance moves and work on our harmonies.

LoveTheOffspring: Have you run into anybody else over the years that's asked you to set

them on fire?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: One guy set himself on fire once at one of our shows.

DexRox: Hi. I'm 14 and from Detroit, MI. I just want to thank you all for many,many

hours of music. You are my heroes, thank you!

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: That's awesome, thanks a lot.

Offspringgrl182: Please wish me (Ariana) a Happy Belated Sweet 16! It would really mean

a lot to me!

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Well, uh, happy birthday Ariana.

Offspring1: Who is the hottest celeb?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Gilbert Gottfried and Larry Bud Melman. Or maybe Yakov Smirnoff.

kat: Who looks more like Noodles, Bette Midler or Barbara Walters?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Actually, he looks more like Shannon Doherty. You know, that

bitch from 90210.

americana_holland: What inspired Noodles to start doing the tour journal? And how does

he feel about other bands ripping off his idea?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Noodles is very happy to be an inspiration to musicians


And he's suing all the other bands who he inspired.

z_911: Who's the biggest asshole you met in your life?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: This guy Mike in Toronto. What an asshole! Just kidding Mike.

We know it's you.

Just another fan: What do you want for X-Mas Dexter?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: I'd like some argyle socks. Can someone please send me some.

Stupidgenius: Are some of your songs written for people that are dead? Such as "No Hero,

" "Gone Away," and "The End Of The Line?"

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Yeah, but I don't want to talk about it.

Skatanic: What kinda amps u guys use?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: We play out of Mesa Boogie and VHT amps.

travis: Where are you guys right now? (state, city)

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: We are in NYC right now. We are actually typing the answers

to the questions ourselves. We're not pussies like some other bands.

ComeOutSwinging_PT: If one of this bands ask u to perform whit them which one would

u prefer? Limp Bizkit? Incubus? Korn? Deftones? Green Day? and NoFx?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Probably NOFX, they're buds of ours. We toured with NOFX

once actually, we opened for them a long time ago.

MTX Caitlyn: Where does Noodles buy his glasses?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: At the glasses store, duh!

mattman: I got an Offspring tattoo on my shoulder and it hurt, so I want you guys to

apologize! mwahahah (evil laugh)

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: We won't apologize - don't be a wuss! Embrace the pain.

What was the tattoo of?

Ender: If there was a fight in the band, who would win?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Greg K for sure. Greg K is on badass motherfucker.

kat: If you were a hot dog, what would you want on you?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Pizza.

rhcp_jg: Why do you want argyle socks?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: I find them very stylish.

Genocidal Smasher: Hey Dexter, what do you think of Angelina Jolie and Lara Croft?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: You mean that chick that makes out with her brother?

PEZ guy: Exactly how fat is Fat Mike?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: He's actually not fat anymore. They just call him that

cause he used to be I think.

noodlescuzin: What do you guys like best about performing at Woodstock?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Probably the trip out of there. It was kinda lame.

ConspiracyOfOne: Why does Greg seem so shy all the damn time?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Greg K is here now, but he's too shy to answer.

magma: If Backstreet Boys will come to you and ask to record a song together

would you agree?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: No way.

Rancid: Hey Dex, in a world without leaders, who'd make people starve?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Hey, that's old school.

lulavondon: Do you love me?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: We love ya babe.

Paula: What is the most embarrassing moment you experienced on stage?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Well, there's the buttless pants incident...

Outsider: Here's a stupid teenybopper question: what's your favorite color?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Noodles says blue. Dexter says black.

Conspiracy of Jon: What's the dumbest question anyone's ever asked you?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Probably the vegetable one.

IKilledNoodles: How Do you Noodle a guitar? Answer please.

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Any way you fuckin' want to.

Offspring117: Don't you guys have barbecues for your families and play songs

at them?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: All the time.

Sycobob52: The guy who sits next to me in science says you guys suck.

Should I kick his ass?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: We don't condone violence, but yes, kick his ass.

PunkIzntDead666: Which would you choose: handcuffs, whipped cream,

or chocolate syrup? ;)

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Dexter: handcuffs, Noodles: whipped cream (lots),

Greg K: chocolate syrup.

SmpsnsPunker: Me and my friends thought that it would be really funny if all

the Orange County bands lived on the same you agree?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Actually, we do.

RCNitro: Alright, Greg...There's like 6 people in just this room who wanna

know what kind of equipment you use...Time to fess up!

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Greg K says bass and amp.

Boom_17: Do you plan to realize a video game like Kiss?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Yeah sure, we try to do everything like Kiss.

Dexsgirl: Dexter, please hug me.....

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Wow, I'm do you give a cyber

hug, anyway?

americana_holland: Will you guys ever do a record signing and/or meet

and greet?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: We do meet and greets after almost every

show on tour.

Offspring117: What songs do you guys love to play live?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: "Feelings" for Noodles, he gets a guitar solo.

I like playing "Have You Ever" a lot.

PEZ guy: What do u think about those lil emo kids, with their lil mullets!!

ARGH, now I'm mad!

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Dude, mullets rule! Check out

DNGR: How many hats does Greg have?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Greg K says, "I don't know, a couple hundred."

WebPunk83: Dex, if 2+2=4, and 4+4 is 8, then what are the chances of me getting ur


THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: 0+0=0.

DexRox: Hey, Dexter. I am kind of a songwriter myself, and want to ask you (my main

songwriting model) if it's easy to be creative write good songs when you're in a

satisfying relationship?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: No way, you have to fuck your relationship all up.

punk_guy: Damn it, answer me! What is your favorite kind of alcohol?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Absinthe and Jaegermeister. Wait, or maybe a prairie dog.

Does anyone know what kind of drink a prairie dog is?

Higgins Fan: Greg K., what is your golf handicap?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Greg K says "I don't know, about eleven."

ConspiracyOfOne: What band haven't you toured with that you really would like to?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: I think it would be cool to tour with the Foo Fighters.

And AC/DC.

Geordie: Would you ever want to be guests on The Simpsons? And if I flash at

the Manchester, UK gig would I get backstage?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Yes to Simpsons, No in Manchester.

Betty: What do you think of my mom coming down and saying "Should I start

monitoring what you're chatting on?"

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Tell your mom to fuck off.

ConspiracyOfOne: Do you guys buy a lot of CDs?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Ron buys the most, he has hundreds probably. I

mostly buy 8 tracks.

burnitup3rdflame: Hey you bloody Offspring bastards! Just wondering if

you're gonna tour with AFI soon.

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Yes, we love AFI, and we're bringing them to

Europe with us in January.

Mota Girl: Can you tell us about the new home video "Huck It?"

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: "Huck It" is our new home movie. We spent

all year making it with our friend Paul. It's got some live songs, like five, and

it also shows us doing some crazy stunts, like base jumping and stuff.

Courtney: Dex, if you could be any kind of flower, what would you be?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: An artichoke.

Offspring117: Don't you guys hate that idiot Eminem?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: I think Eminem is punk.

PEZ guy: My mom says she wants to have a talk with you Dex. She says your

a bad role model...keep up the good work!

Gareth: What do u drink when u r recording?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Lots of coffee, maybe beer.

Paula: What are some stage acts you are planning on doing? Like last year

you soaked the fans.

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: We don't know - what do you want us to do to

you guys this time?

RCNitro: Why can't you guys come further east in Canada then Montreal? I

almost got to go to your show in Toronto, but mom and dad decided to cancel

my funding. BTW, Nice answer Greg. I'm an up-and-coming bassist and I

seriously want to know what kind of bass you play.

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Greg K has already answered his quota of

questions for the evening.

ComeOutSwinging_PT: ANSWER ME! Why don't u have Portugal on your

tour? U've been where twice or more...didn't u enjoy it??!

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: We're playing in Portugal at the end of the Europe

tour, probably around Feb. 10.

CrUeLLa: At the Dennis Danell Show (RIP) Dexter named my tattoo of the

feeling evil fairy Cruella. Do you remember? I talked to you at your car. What

should I add to her to represent CO1? I love the album. See ya in Vegas.

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Yeah, of course I remember you. I was in the car with

our production manager, Bobby. That's cool that you really named your tattoo

Cruella. Maybe you should add some of the artwork on the new album.

Gareth: Who is your biggest inspiration?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Fat Mike and Top Ramen.

Offspringkiknutz: What was the most emotionally deep song you guys have wrote?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: "Cool to Hate" has had a really big effect on us.

RicJD: Please answer me I'm desperate, where the best place to play live in the world?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Noodles' rehearsal studio.

PEZ guy: What do you think of pez?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: I love pez, especially out of my Ronald Reagan pez


Wally159: Which cover song was the most fun over the last year or two?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: "Total Immortal" was a fun one. We recorded some

covers that aren't on our new record, you'll be able to get them from our Web site.

Shawna: Did you guys think you would make it this far when you first started?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Yep for sure. We calculated, connived, and cheated

our way to where we are now. It was perfectly orchestrated.

dumass1212: So Noodles, who do you think is better at guitar Jimi Hendrix or

Stevie Ray Vaughan?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Hendrix, but Buckethead blows both of them away.

Conspiracy of Jon: Did you cover the Ramones song "I Wanna Be Sedated?"

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Yeah, we did about two years ago, it was for a movie

soundtrack, Idle Hands.

hysteria: Is the $1,000,000 real or is it a "Conspiracy of One"???? You "Original

Pranksters" - is it a hoax???

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: It's real. We told them we wanted to give away $1,000 but

someone got it mixed up. And now we're stuck.

PunkIzntDead666: Why don't you guys play songs from Ignition live anymore?

That album was the raddest!

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Thanks, we're glad you like that record. We do still play

songs off of Ignition. Usually "Session" or "Kick Him When He's Down."

Klyn: So, my boyfriend is obsessed with The Offspring. He eats, breathes, and sleeps

you guys, which is fine, except I'm not getting laid. Any suggestions?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Noodles says come on over.

Conspiracy of Two: Is the 1 million your own money?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: It is, we swear, it's coming right from us. And it hurts a

little bit too.

Original_Prankster: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Answer this! I gotta be up for school

in 3 hours!!!! Are you planning on playing Reading Festival 2001??

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: We did Reading last year. I think in 2001 we might actually

play Glastonbury instead.

rhcp_jg: What kinda cookies do you like?!!!

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Space cookies.

RicJD: Who do u guys wank over?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Noodles wanks over vintage guitars.

AuroraHls: Do you think age matters in relationships?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: No, but size does.

PhUnKaTiC: Dumb question, but what the hell...what do u eat as breakfast?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Guys like you that try to hack our Web site.

TherapyM16: Are pennywise still pissed at you or vice versa?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: We've always been friends with Pennywise. We just

hung out with them a couple months ago, and we played the Dennis Dannell benefit

with them.

dumass1212: Dude can you guys stop by my house after your New York show so

you can punch me in the face?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Gladly.

Little_Miss_1565: Is it just me or do Ren and Stimpy kick ass?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Ren & Stimpy are cool, but I still like Beavis &

Butthead better.

Offspring_Detroit: What is your favorite band of all time?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: The Chipmunks. Or Miami Sound Machine. We were

supposed to do a song with Gloria Estefan, but those assholes in N Sync beat us to her.

Offspring1: What bands did you guys grow up listening too?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: We listened to lots of cool bands like the Dickies,

Sex Pistols, Ramones, TSOL, Adolescents, Dead Kennedys, Descendents, Black Flag...

RPM: I use the line, "I look like Dexter" to get chicks.

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: You better think of a new line, dude.

offspringfreak: Did the Beastie Boys have any influence on you guys?

snoman: Come guys I've asked this like 12 times and now you guys are trying to

make out with my girlfriend in the same chat room! Are you guys going to be making

anything like Pay the Man?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Noodles says your girlfriend it hot.

Johnny Ramone: Some people say that Noodles is brother of Rancid?s Bassist,

Lars Frederiksen...that true??

THE OFFSPRING - Noodles: Yes, it's true.

TherapyM16: Noodles, who do you think is the best guitar player of the '90s?

THE OFFSPRING - Noodles: Warren Fitzgerald of the Vandals.

Danno: Will you be doing a smaller venue U.S. tour later?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Yeah - you see the same places on the way down

that you did on the way up!

amychaos: Hey, Dex, were you ever told you shouldn't be a punker because

you're smart? God, I hate people.

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Yeah, I hate people too.

The Prospector: Noodles my dog wants to be like you he just needs a pair of

glasses like yours...

THE OFFSPRING - Noodles: Yeah, I get this all the time!

ryan2147: Did any of you guys listen to Jimi when you were younger?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Yeah, Noodles did, and he still does.

krissy: Dexter, when are you guys planning to tour Oz?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: March 2001.

Condor: Why do you play so short shows? Wouldn't you able to play for a

2 hours time?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Yeah, we're going to start taking Viagra before our

shows on the next tour.

Neuman: A man walks into a psychiatrist's office with saran wrap underwear.

The psychiatrist says 'I can clearly see your nuts.'

Noodex: Hey guys, I'm in a goth punk band and my stage name is Noodex.

I named it after you Noodles and Dexter obviously, what do you think of that?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: I think it should have been 'Dexnoods.'

Offspring117: It's my birthday and I'm wearing my birthday suit!

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: So is Noodles.

RicJD: Which sex position do u like the most?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Noodles says 'Gosh, it's just so hard to choose.'

Shawna: Will you give a shout out to me, Shawna Garrett, on TRL?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Absolutely Shawna, we love you, you're our favorite.

RPM: What's your favorite line from a movie?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: "It's such a fine line between clever and stupid."

That was from Spinal tap.

Dexsgirl: So, Dex, about my hug...I'll be at Roseland on the 17th...wanna hug

me then? **huggiez**

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Not if you're wearing huggies.

The Prospector: Do you guys like hockey? soccer? or what?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: We like hockey for the fights.

Neuman: Come on, if you're gonna mention Shawna, you gotta mention me,

Mike Neuman. Come on, you can be like "Hello Neuman" all Seinfeld-like!


magma: Do you guys believe in God?

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: We believe in magma.

THE OFFSPRING - Dexter: Well guys, it's been a lot of fun, but we have to go do this

radio show now called Rockline.

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